The Bazaar

Aligning advertisers, creators, and you to create value for everyone

Low maintenance.
Cash out your coins directly into your bank account.

For our creators...

Easier way to get direct support from your fans.

No exclusive content required, just link to where you are already posting.

Helpful analytics to gain insights into who is supporting you, what parts of your content they like, and how your content makes them feel.

Support the creators you love and buy the content you want without spending a dime of your own money.
Fund the Internet you want to see in the world.

For our users...

Advertising and data pays for the vast majority of digital media, only you as the consumer has never had a say in how that money is spent, where the ads are shown, or what data is collected.

The Bazaar changes that. We put you in the driver seat to decide your value to advertisers, what data you wish to monetize, where and when you wish to engage with the companies you are interested in, and finally where the money should go and how much you want to give.

Engage with the consumers you want when they are ready and open to your message.
Built in fraud prevention and brand recall to insure every one of your impressions is really seen.
Guaranteed 100% viewablity and engagement on every impression. Cost per view pricing. Only pay when your ad plays to completion.

For our advertisers...

Use our intuitive dashboard to run unlimited A/B tests on your creative and targeting through our real time bidding network.

Couple that with our post-ad micro surveys to gain actionable insights on not only who is seeing your messages at what price, but what they think about your brand, your product or service, your messaging, your competitors, their propensity to purchase and much more.